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Are you envisioning a life in Italy? Fancy claiming a small slice of it as your own?

Look no further. Italy possesses the extraordinary power to captivate us with its breath-taking scenery, delectable cuisine, delightful weather, and vibrant traditions.

Our search for affordable Italian homes under 100k sifts through numerous listings to uncover the most picturesque, quintessential, and distinctive bargains throughout Italy.

Our properties are curated by our Italian property experts who search through hundreds of listings to find you unique bargains available on the property market across the length and breadth of Italy for under 100k

To ensure impartiality, we refrain from accepting sale commissions from property owners or listing fees from estate agents. They do not contribute to our funding.

By excluding these sources, we maintain complete objectivity, offering you only the authentic quality and value you anticipate.

Your subscription supports our software for newsletter designs, website hosting, and the dedicated hours invested in curating this collection of stunning properties exclusively for you.

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Italian Homes Under 100k distinguishes itself from the standard real estate agency model; we want to clarify that we are not real estate agents but rather consider ourselves property curators. What does this mean for you? Every week, we painstakingly select the finest properties across Italy, all priced under 100k. 

We diligently sift through numerous listings so you don’t have to, then thoughtfully compile them into our newsletter. 

Think of us as your dedicated property curator, actively contributing to bringing your dream of owning Italian property one step closer.


No we are not we have relationships with many agents across Italy and also have access to many Italian contacts and websites that provide us with properties and information

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