Palazzo Ricci Private Residence Club

Palazzo Ricci Private Residence Club


Palazzo Ricci

Thu, 07/21/2022 – 09:37

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You have dreamed of living the La Dolce Vita amidst the cobblestone streets of a medieval village, enjoying its cafes, and strolling rolling hills covered in olive orchards and vineyards.

Now is the time to make your dream of Italian ownership a reality – and you will be surprised by how easy it is with Palazzo Ricci! 

The Palazzo Ricci Private Residence Club™ lifestyle affords a combination of luxuryconvenience and flexibility you cannot experience anywhere else – at a price that is a dream come true.

Built in 1799 for the Ricci family of Italian nobility, Palazzo Ricci has a rich history and is where Baron Ricci reportedly entertained luminaries, such as renowned painter, Francesco Paolo Michetti and beloved Italian author, Gabriele D’Annunzio.

This magnificent building is now being transformed into one of the world’s most prestigious private residence clubs. Its members share 1/9th ownership of the elegant residences and sumptuous gathering areas – without responsibilities or worries – at a cost that is proportionate to personal use. This will grant a minimum of 5.5 weeks to spend during the year at Palazzo, or in one of the Elite Alliance global exchange network properties that Palazzo Ricci is part of. 

Palazzo Ricci is being completely renovated in accordance with the highest standards of historical preservation. Upon completion (Summer 2023), this stately mansion will house 14 luxuriously appointed residences, complemented by five-star amenities and highly personalized services.


Five different categories of elegant residences are available in the Palazzo:
All residences are fully furnished and accessorized

– One Bedroom: 628 sf/58 sm
– Premier One Bedroom: 933 sf/87 sm avg size
– Two Bedroom: 1,207 sf/112 sm avg size
– Three Bedroom: 1,490 sf/138 sm avg size
– Penthouse & Cottage – 2,224 sf/207 sm avg size (total indoor and outdoor combined living spaces

Prices start at €89.500 for the One Bedroom, up to €332.500 for the Penthouse & Cottage.


Private residence club details

In addition to its majestic setting, your shared ownership in this beautifully restored, fully staffed, 18th-century palace provides each owner the following benefits:

✓ 1/9th Shared Villa Ownership
✓ Minimum 5.5 Weeks Usage Rights Per Year
✓ Global Luxury Exchange Network
✓ High-Value Exchange Rights
✓ Purchase price that is a fraction of a wholly-owned vacation property
✓ Annual maintenance cost that is a fraction of a wholly-owned vacation property
✓ Generational Ownership
✓ Vacation Exchange With Other Palace Owners
✓ Potential Rental Revenue
✓ Potential Financial/Equity Value Increase and Tax Benefits


All benefits on-site

“Welcome Home” is how you will be greeted upon each return to Palazzo Ricci. 

Palazzo Ricci™ will be professionally managed with 24/7 staff and concierge services. Prior to arrival, all of your personal accommodation needs will be met. While on-site, various recreational assets will be available to you and your guests, such as electric bikes, beach gear, courtesy vehicles, etc.

Palazzo Ricci™ has a beautiful garden area with gazebos, gardens, private space, and an outdoor pool. Indoor, the owner’s common area includes a large screen lounge, game room, Roman bath, owners’ bar, fitness center, massage rooms, and more.


Architectural Excellence

In its glory, Palazzo Ricci was the gem of Casoli. Once renovation is complete, the Palazzo’s exterior will restore the original grandeur of this iconic 18th century building and showcase its classic old-world charm. The building will incorporate the highest standards of structural integrity, modern conveniences, and energy efficiency.

Palazzo Ricci’s luxurious and romantic residences will be finished with exquisite furnishings, bedding, and interior décor – everything you expect at any of the world’s finest resorts. The common areas of the building will feature a spectacular atrium, a glass elevator, a concierge desk, and a state-of-the-art fitness center, complete with a couples’ massage room.


A gorgeous Italian garden for your relax 

Italy is known for its spectacular landscapes and gardens. Palazzo Ricci will be no exception. The Palazzo’s grounds will include 10,000 square feet (929 square meters) of private gardens, secluded sitting areas, a picturesque swimming pool, a fitness center, outdoor living and dining areas, and old-world water features.


At the very heart of Italy 

Casoli is a marvel in the heart of Southern Italy’s Abruzzo region. It’s a classic Medieval town, sitting high on a hill with panoramic views of the Apennine Mountains, Adriatic Sea and the Italian countryside. In August 2021 it has been included among the “Borghi più belli d’Italia” as one the most beautiful villages in Italy, by the homonymous association. 

Abruzzo is perhaps the most untouched, authentic and pristine region of Italy. It is known as “The Green Lung of Italy”, and Europe, with half of its territory designated as national parks and nature reserves. Last year the Majella Natural Reserve has been honored as a UNESCO GEOPARK for its incredible diversity of flora and fauna, breathtaking trails and nature.

Abruzzo’s abundance of natural treasures, combined with charming towns and welcoming people, have made the region one of the Top 10 best places in the world for retirement, real estate investment, and quality of life.

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Rome-Ciampino Airport “Giovan Battista Pastine”
143 km – 89 miles
Foggia Airport “Gino Lisa”
126 km – 78 miles
Naples-Capodichino Airport “Ugo Niutta”
28 km – 17 miles
Abruzzo Airport “Pasquale Liberi”
39 km – 24 miles
Historic Centre of Naples
140 km – 87 miles
Royal Palace of Caserta
115 km – 71 miles
Villa Adriana
126 km – 78 miles
Villa d’Este
124 km – 77 miles

*Please note distances are straight line measurements and are approximate

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