Using the Uber App in Rome, 2023

Transportation just got easier in the Eternal City. Uber has teemed up with itTaxi to make getting around a breeze. We tested the Uber App while we walked to a rather distant attraction and were too tired to get back.

On our way to the Centrale Montemartini (in 1912 called “The Giovanni Montemartini Thermoelectric Power Plant”) to see the delightful juxtapositions of the ancient statuary industry against the steampunk gray of the power industry in Rome, we found sweltering heat and a bridge closure that made the trek a major suckage of effort.

But given a shot of “wowza” by the unique placement of statues through the industrial space we were able to have the full museum experience. Below is a little sample.

Statue: Centrale Montemartini

As we headed out into the steamy heat, Martha asked the ticket woman if she’d call us a cab.

“I don’t use them. You’ll have to call them yourself,” she said cheerlessly.

We walked towards the road, stopping at a bench.

Martha said, “You downloaded that Uber thing, why don’t we use it?”

I opened the app. It asked me where I wanted to go. I put in the address of our vacation apartment. Bam! It told me I’d have to walk the 50 feet to the road to be picked up by a taxi. A white one. The driver’s name was Stephano. It would cost 11 or 12 euro. by the time we reached the road and Martha craned her neck into the street to see if it might be coming, the taxi as described pulled up smartly.

Oh, and the estimate, it turns out was wrong. The ride was 9 euro, paid with PayPal. There was nothing to do at the end of the ride but get out of the taxi.

The Uber App and itTaxi

Uber has had a hard time getting inroads into the Italian market, Italian taxi drivers fearing a price war and lost fares. It makes sense then to create a compromise that benefits both parties. In this case itTaxi gets a seamless integration into the Uber App and payment system and the taxi drivers get more fares than they might have lost to Uber’s drivers.

This integration is fairly recent, and yet our trip was fast and flawless. And I’ve never used Uber before because I’m a Luddite when it comes to things like this. Take into account this is the description of one instance only, a tiny sample for sure.

But when a unique attraction is far from everywhere you want to see, the Uber app can save you a lot of time if you decide to go.

I’d give my experience five stars, as I did on the app.

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