Where to live in Italy: our favorite regions

No matter where in Italy you decide to live, you will find breathtaking landscapes, vibrant city centers and welcoming communities. One of the most interesting features of Italy is how vastly different its regions are from one another. For instance, living in the Northern region of Trentino Alto Adige is very different compared to living in Sicily, and climate is not the only reason. Indeed, Italy’s twenty regions vary greatly not only in terms of climate, landscape and customs and traditions, but also in terms of infrastructure, services, cost of living and property prices. While there is no “best” region to live in, when the time comes for you to decide where you should purchase your property, you will want to make sure that the property you want to buy meets all your needs. If you are taking your first steps in the Italian real estate market, please continue to read this article as it will provide you with some useful tips and pieces of advice to keep in mind when choosing the perfect region to move to.

While it is easy to fall in love with almost any part of Italy, a clear vision of your needs and preferences will allow you to narrow down your research and to focus only on the regions which are compatible with your desired lifestyle. Firstly, would you prefer to live in a dynamic metropolitan city, in a tranquil suburban neighborhood or in a dreamy countryside villa? Furthermore, will you be working remotely? If you plan on staying in Italy for a short period of time and you will be working remotely, for instance, your needs will be different compared to someone who is looking to retire to a quiet area in the long run. Additionally, you may want to enjoy the well-known Italian “Dolce Vita” by travelling to different regions. This option will require you to think about the most convenient means of transportation in order to travel around Italy, be it by public transportation such as trains, ferries and airplanes, or by car, motorbike or bicycle. In conclusion, how much you want to travel and how you plan on doing that will influence which part of Italy you choose to purchase a property.

If you would like to live in a dynamic metropolitan city then Lombardy, Lazio and Emilia Romagna are among the perfect regions to live in. These regions feature major cities such as Bergamo, Brescia, Milan, Bologna, Modena and Rome, which offer a good work-life balance. Indeed, not only do these cities offer many job opportunities and services, but they also offer excellent schools, universities, hospitals, cultural institutions, food festivals, shows, concerts and art exhibitions. Furthermore, big cities in these regions have excellent transportation links and they host several national and international airports. These positive aspects are reflected in the housing market prices, which are rather high, nevertheless, due to the fact that both locals and foreigners consider these areas to be very popular, purchasing a property here constitutes a valuable investment opportunity, especially if you are considering reselling your property, renting it or opening a B&B.

If you wish to live in one of the most glamorous and breathtaking regions in Italy, we highly recommend Tuscany. This area features internationally renowned cities such as Florence, Lucca and Pisa, which are rich in art, history and culture. Tuscan picturesque hilltop towns have attracted a multitude of foreigners over the past centuries and as a result, there are well-established expat communities in the area.  Arguably, a solid network can offer support to those individuals who decide to move abroad for the first time. Furthermore, the region is located in the central part of Italy, making it possible to reach both Northern and Southern regions fairly easily, either by car or by public transportation. For instance, you can jump on a train and visit many cities such as Venice, Turin, Bologna and Naples. It comes as no surprise then that Tuscany’s celebrity-like status results in its real estate market prices being on the higher end of the spectrum. However, this also means that purchasing a property in Tuscany is a great investment because it is likely to gain more value over time. Furthermore, if you would like to rent your property, there will always be thousands of tourists looking for accommodation.

Finally, if you prefer an affordable yet dreamy location near the seaside, we suggest visiting Apulia (Puglia). The region is located in the south of Italy and it is famous for its stunning beaches and crystalline water (have you ever heard of the “Maldive del Salento”?). Apulia is the best option for those who wish to live at a slower pace while enjoying the region’s fascinating folklore and delicious traditional cuisine. Furthermore, its historical, artistic and cultural heritage is impressive and unique, and in recent years, Lecce’s baroque architecture and Otranto’s castle have attracted thousands of tourists worldwide. There are growing expat communities in Valle d’Itria and around Brindisi;  additionally, the region features two international airports in Brindisi and Bari, respectively. However, if you decide to live in Apulia you will need to rely on a car as your primary means of transportation. Together with slow internet connection in some remote areas, these factors might be potential issues to take into account, especially if you are planning on working in this region. Nevertheless, the low cost of living creates attractive investment opportunities for potential buyers since the quality-price ratio of properties is remarkable. Therefore, whether you are looking for a villa at the seaside or a traditional Trullo, we encourage you to consider scouting Puglia’s real estate market in order to find exceptional deals.

If you are interested in moving to any of these regions (or anywhere else in Italy!) and you would like some help in order to identify the perfect property for you, contact us for a free consultation at info@italianrealestatelawyers.com.


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